HR Solutions

Cornerstone Financial now brings cost savings and HR solutions to a vast array of businesses, from cutting-edge start-ups and small  family-owned businesses to corporate entities of all sizes and industries. Middle Tennessee now has a benefits consultant who can be truly transparent.

At Cornerstone Financial, our goal is to bring you a complete HR and benefits solution, saving you time and money while delivering the best benefits for your employees. Cornerstone Financial partners have decades of combined experience in HR and benefits services, our benefits pros have your back, keeping you compliant with healthcare laws and the new guidelines. Cornerstone Financial is poised to be your benefits professional.

Cornerstone Financial – Your Benefits Authority
Cornerstone Financial's team of experts is prepared to work with your HR team to compile a benefits package that fits your coverage needs and lowers costs. It really is possible to decrease costs associated with the Affordable Care Act and we'll be glad to show you the way.

Our team is currently serving businesses and governmental groups from 100+ to 5,000+ in employee size.

You’re One-Stop Data Shop
Starting from the moment of hiring through status and benefits selections, address changes and a myriad of other updates, Cornerstone Financial's data management system makes it easy to acquire all that information and communicate it across the board. Automatic data updates are shared with payroll, benefits admin, insurance providers, and any other systems you designate. Your data management issues are solved!

Cornerstone Financial Is The Foundation Of HR For Tennessee
Cornerstone Financial’ s partner proprietary HR Platform is a top of the line system that includes data management and a benefits administration platform that connects the dots with all your other HR systems. Let our HR pros reveal new ways to lower costs, save time, and attract and retain more qualified employees all while making the lives of your HR  staff easier.

How To Get Started - Contact Us!

You  can get started today by email, or if you prefer, just give us a call and we'll gladly walk you through the process.